Episode 115

THURS 11/19/20

A/T/P: Dalel Khalil / Writer / Khalil's II, 5MIN / GIFT PGH, WHT K8 8, Bracey BREWS, BTPTvKURTANGLE

Week 36 Episode 115: Dalel Khalil - author of the book “From Veils To Thongs” and owner of Khalil’s II joins the show, 5 MINUTES WITH Natalie Bencivenga featuring Rochel Tombosky of GIFT PGH - giftpgh.org, we find out WHT K8 8 with Chef Kate Romane, Day Bracey BREWS and the JAG/OFF BRACKET POLL Results with BATPAT VS KURT ANGLE

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMIMFd_N3pc

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