Episode 107

Week 33 Episode 107: 5 MINUTES WITH Natalie Bencivenga featuring Dannielle Brown who talks about the tragic death of her son, the activism and hunger strike that resulted while in grief, and the collaboration with Julius Boatwright in the podcast “On Tilt: The State of Black Mental Health and Policing in America”, Performance by Tommy Amoeba, Day Bracey BREWS, #GHOULS4GOOD is STILL HUNGRY and the JAG/OFF BRACKET POLL with BATPAT VS PHAT MAN DEE

Episode 106

A/T/P: Jon / Bindley Hardware Co. / Music, WHT K8 8 / Kate Romane, GHOULS4GOOD, KENNYSOPENvJONASSALK Week 33 Episode 106: From Bindley Hardware Co. Pittsburgh - roots rocker Jon Bindley returns to ease those October troubles and talk about his new documentary “Everything in Hardware”, we find out WHT K8 8 with Chef Kate Romane, #GHOULS4GOOD is STILL HUNGRY and the Jag/Off Bracket Poll with KENNYWOODS OPEN VS JONAS SALK ​​ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/111500317144612/po

Episode 105

Week 33 Episode 104: Marianne Bayard and Jonathan Kaplan, long distance partners in crime, launch the streaming show Mares & Kaps and you should Watch, Erin Hart highlights LOCAL FARMS from FarmToTablePa.com, #GHOULS4GOOD is STILL HUNGRY and the Jag/Off Bracket Poll with ATTACK THEATRE’S DIRTY BALL VS EVALINE HALLOWEEN PARTY

Episode 104: GHOULS 4 GOOD

NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD™ #GHOULS4GOOD UnDead Read: Benefit for Biden Harris 2020 and the PA Democratic Party Scenes and Stars from 1968 Romero & 1990 Savini Films, Resurrected Live Starring: Tony Todd Tom Savini Patricia Tallman Lori Cardille William Butler Russ Streiner Music by ZOMBI DON'T wait till it's TOO LATE, DONATE NOW: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/ghouls4good ​ GHOULS4GOOD.COM Produced by Randy Kovitz, Margy Whitmer and Alone Together Pittsburgh NIGHT of the

Episode 1OO

THURS 10/15/20 A/T/P 100! Joe Grushecky / ROCK, Sally Wiggin / LOVE, WHT K8 8 / BIRTHDAY , PEDUTOBEARD V CIVICARENA Week 31 Episode 100: Joe Grushecky performs Live, Sally Wiggin returns to warm our Halloweeny Hearts, we find out WHT K8 8 on Chef Kate Romane’s BIRTHDAY, details revealed on the #GHOULS4GOOD Tribute to Night of the Living Dead Benefit, Our Show turns 100 and the Jag/Off Bracket Poll with BILL PEDUTO’S BEARD VS CIVIC ARENA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1115

Episode 99

WED 10/14/20 A/T/P: Dave Bjornson / HEARCORP / NBA, Joy Toujours / Music, Farm2Table, LOGJAMMERvSTRIKINGDISTANCE Week 31 Episode 99: Dave Bjornson of HEARCORP talks success in the NBA bubble, Joy Toujours performs from his van in Kentucky, Introducing #GHOULS4GOOD Tribute to Night of the Living Dead, Erin Hart highlights LOCAL FARMS from FarmToTablePa.com and the Jag/Off Bracket Poll with LOG JAMMER VS STRIKING DISTANCE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/111500317144612/posts