We are not a tv station. We are not journalists. We are just trying to create a platform for people to come together during this time of crisis. We are doing this to humanize the situation and try to have a little fun while doing so. 

ALONE TOGETHER PITTSBURGH http://togetherpgh.com  is a platform for creatives, service industry workers, and the community of Pittsburgh to stay connected via livestream. 

What are you doing to pass the time?

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DONATE  Link info : https://www.gofundme.com/f/alonetogetherstreaming

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We originally intended to broadcast live performances from a space knowing full well that quarantine was imminent. 

We were not expecting it to escalate so quickly. 

Our intentions were and still are to humanize the impact from a local perspective while showcasing artists and attempting to raise money to support them. 

ALONE / TOGETHER / STREAMING was conceived as an interview platform leading into a live performance series Live at 25. Within hours of conception that program became impossible.

Everything is changing minute to minute and we are adapting as a show and as a collective community. We hope to keep an upbeat and optimistic tone while serving as a forum for performers, service industry professionals, gig economy contractors, community organizers, and humans. 

Available at facebook.com/togetherpgh, this show will be done entirely via remote laptops and cellphones.   

As producers we see ourselves as a collective and have agreed that each day we will be sharing the proceeds from the  GoFundMe or virtual TipJar. These funds raised will be distributed evenly to all involved. 

Additionally, ALONE/TOGETHER/STREAMING is a collective partnership between the hosts, producers, and guests.

This show/collective/platform, ALONE/TOGETHER/STREAMING, will serve as a talk show/variety show leading into, but with no formal affiliation to the coordinated Livestream performance series entitled Live at 25 (facebook.com/25carrick). 

ALONE/TOGETHER/STREAMING and Live at 25 are two completely separate shows working together to build community. ALONE/TOGETHER/STREAMING is happy to add other collaborators and sponsors.